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Investment Cases

You can see the main lines of investment we have been offering to our private clients below. Please, contact our team for investment opportunities, based on your investment criteria, quest and risk apetite we can present you the best investment options in the market in different sectors ;

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Renewable Energy Investments
Turkey s Bright Future in Solar Energy; sitting astride the Mediterranean sun belt, with a considerable potential, an unlikely hub for green energy. We have a particular focus on solar energy power plant projects; with exceptionally high investment returns and the goverment s ten years purchase guarantee the sector provides promising and robust opportunities.
A brief outlook about the sector is available here

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Property Investments

One of the fastest growing economies of the world in the last decade, Turkey has become a popular destination for property investors. We have been providing residential and commercial investment opportunities for overseas investors. We can provide the best alternative investment options in the market based on your quest and risk apetite, please contact our team to request investment opportunities which are usually not available for overseas investors.

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Franchise Investment Opportunities
It is much the same in Turkey. Take a walk around seemingly any capital city anywhere in the world, and you will find all those familiar worldwide brands, and local favourites. However, Turkish cafe and fast food chains becoming more and more popular and a target for international corporate and private investors. If you are willing to have an operating business in Turkey, or taking a brand as a franchise overseas we can match you with good opportunities and continue to support you along the way and after with our investment and management team. You can download a brief report here

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Land Development Projects
Residential, commercial, tourism, mix use... private clients get the same level of service quality we provide to corporate clients. we rely on the economist s skill palette and use dynamic modelling to present recommendations. In practice this means proposing uses which deliver the greatest benefit taking into account any restrictions contingent. Moreover, augmented by an extensive network of contacts we can present you investment and development land opportunities which are inaccessible to overseas investors to start with, and can continue to support you after investment with our asset management team upon your request.

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Restoration Project & Business Development
We have dedicated team and solution partners helping property owners with restoration, clean-up, and repair during their most vulnerable time of need and it is our goal to adhere to a high level of ethics and professional standards. Our main focus is not doing just restorations but as part of our business development consultancy a full business case based on promising buildings, mainly listed buildings, including post construction management, and setting up operational business such as boutique hotels or cafes.

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Startup and Business Venture Investments
Turkey reached an important milestone in entrepreneurship last year when it crossed the $100 million-threshold. With the private equity investments, the total exceeded $177 million in 2017, the highest ever in Turkeys startup scene. An emerging economy and strong engineering culture bolstered by talent from several universities, if you are exited to invest in startups and small businesses using marketing and business development strategies we can find you the right opportunities. And we apply our investment, management, financial management, marketing and operational experience to provide consulting that positions clients for success.